Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Music Guide

The wedding ceremony music guide lists and describes moments during a wedding ceremony, offers expert suggestions, or at least gets you thinking about the type of sound, lighting and music you’d like for these moments. Would you like all the classic wedding songs? Or, are you going to shake it up with more modern music? Will you be having live musicians or singers? An experienced music director and/or sound operator can provide guidance as well as the equipment to make sure your ceremony music matches your spirit and vision, and adds to the overall elegance, fun or excitement of the event.  Continue reading

Wedding Reception Music Guide

Many people only think of the main dance portion when preparing to select reception music. However, there are many traditions, standard songs, design elements and other moments to consider. The Wedding Reception Music Guide will help you to know all of the possible moments for special songs, offer expert suggestions, and get you thinking about the type of music, lighting and events you want at your reception. Continue reading