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Wedding – Ceremony Music

Whether formal or casual, live audio may offer greater flexibility than a live soloist or musicians. Play any sound or music you can dream of with perfect accuracy and sound quality!

DJ Part A can provide piano, guitar and/or vocalists for your wedding ceremony, with a variety of available performers to suit any style.

We provide the sound system, microphones, mixing console and operator that are needed for other live musicians or singers.

Live audio allows easy access to microphones,  speakers, and even portable power that may be needed during the ceremony. Especially important at a location without nearby power outlets such as a park or yard.

Creative lighting is available. We can help provide a dramatic and special look to your ceremony location with LED uplights, spotlights and other creative lighting options!

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Wedding – Reception DJ Service

Entertainment is consistently ranked as the most memorable part of a wedding reception. Yet, when asked afterward, couples routinely rank entertainment as the #1 aspect of their wedding they wish they’d planned more.

DJ Part A can help choose all the right music to bring out the most in your crowd. Or, if you know what you want, we provide simple tools for you to communicate exactly what you want, quickly and easily, with your computer or phone.

Choose exactly how much involvement you want. Anything from general guidelines to complete control.

Choose the level of interaction between your DJ and your guests during hosting, announcements  or organized events.

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Corporate or public event, celebration or private party. Create a memorable experience for your guests! Sound & lighting, PA system, hosting/announcements and consultation all included.

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Choose elegant, dramatic or creative lighting for your event. We can help you create that special look to your venue with LED uplights, spotlights and other creative lighting options!

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Karaoke Services and hosting available. DJ Part A has the latest in high-tech audio/visual software and equipment for Karaoke, and is available to host! Whether you want to hold a regular Karaoke night at your venue, or just want to add Karaoke to the other music and festivities at your event, DJ Part A can provide everything you need.

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