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outdoor wed Are you having an outdoor wedding? Will the participants, singers or musicians need microphones and speakers? Will you be at a location without a sound system? Do you need help choosing the right music? These are all often overlooked reasons for having a talented music director and sound operator at your ceremony.

Whether formal or casual, recorded music offers greater flexibility than a live soloist or musicians. Play any sound or music you can dream of with perfect accuracy and sound quality! You can combine elegant classical or string music, a favorite pop, rock or country recording, and even sound effects… all in the same ceremony!

The music and voices will be at an appropriate volume, regardless of the size or location of the venue. At outdoor ceremonies, especially if there is wind, it is difficult for live musicians to play at the right volume. Many guests complain that they can’t hear the music or even the officiant and couple speaking. The opposite is true for very small venues, where live musicians might be too loud.

live wed musicIf you prefer live music, DJ Part A can provide piano, guitar and/or vocalists for your wedding ceremony, with a variety of available performers to suit any style. If you have chosen other live musicians/singers to perform, we can provide the sound system, microphones, mixing console and operator that are needed.

Live musicians generally do not have access to a “PA” type sound system with a mixing console, power amp, microphones and large speakers. DJ Part A can provide microphones,  speakers, and even portable power that may be needed during the ceremony. This is a must-have at outdoor events. And while some indoor venues do have this equipment, they will not provide someone to operate the equipment and lights. DJ Part A has all the equipment, and is an experienced and capable sound operator that can help you achieve brilliant sound at your event.

UpLighting+4 smallDJ Part A has the experience and expertise to help you choose all the right music for your ceremony. When you choose DJ Part A, in addition to the equipment operation you also get the advice and resources of a talented musical director. Whether it’s help with knowing the order of events at the ceremony, choosing the right music for each part, we can help! Let us save you the time and stress of planning everything, AND get the sound to make your ceremony exceptional.

Creative lighting is available. We can help you provide a dramatic and special look to your ceremony location with LED uplights, spotlights and other creative lighting options! Complete design consultation and setup is included with this service.

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